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Code of Conduct

We believe that high business standards play a significant role in ensuring our continued growth and success. COBRA Softwares’s Code of Conduct provides guidance on what we stand for as a company and it sets out the principles on how we engage with each other internally in COBRA Softwares, as a business partner and with the external community.

A good work environment 
We strive to make COBRA Softwares a good and honest place to work. This is reflected in all parts of our code of conduct. 

  • We seek to support a culture of equality and non-discrimination. We encourage diversity and we operate a non-tolerance policy on any kind of discrimination or harassment 
  • We are committed to providing a healthy and safe work environment for all of our employees. We do not tolerate the use of compulsory or forced labour in any of our operations, meaning that we also prohibit the use of child labour 
  • We treat our employees fairly and maintain a safe and healthy work environment. We remunerate our employees fairly and always according to the laws or practices of the countries in which we operate  
  • We respect the right of our employees to collective bargaining and we respect their freedom of association, according to the laws or practices of the countries in which we operate

An honest and accountable business partner 
We work hard to make COBRA Softwares a trustworthy and responsible company – and we want our customers to see us as a fair and reliable partner.

  • We are committed to conducting fair and honest business. We are against corruption and bribery. Likewise, COBRA Softwares will not condone, facilitate or support money laundering. We pay fair market value for goods and services
  • All suppliers to COBRA Softwares must sign our supplier’s Code of Conduct, stating that they will adhere  to our principles for ethical and moral behaviour
  • All transactions made by COBRA Softwares should be carried out in the best interests of the company and in such a way that no one can doubt that COBRA Softwares is a responsible and sound company. We also take precautions in case of conflict of interest between employees and business 
  • Besides being a legal requirement, adequate and trustful reporting is also of crucial importance for COBRA Softwares

Whistleblower Tool
All COBRA Softwares employees have access to our guidance on how to raise their concerns of business practices, which compromise the law or internal procedures. COBRA Softwares’s reporting tool, the Whistleblower Hotline, is managed by an external audit committee to ensure a confidential and non-biased way of reporting. All incoming reports are taken seriously.
All COBRA Softwares employees and Board Members have access to our full Code of Conduct.

If you have questions to our Code of Conduct, please contact at info@cobrasoftwares.in

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