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Online Test Management System

The traditional paper based testing methods with subjective questions is rapidly phasing off and today most of the competitive exams in India and abroad are conducted in electronic form in an objective type evaluation.

COBRA Softwares Pte Ltd has developed an innovative and one of its kind platform called ePariksha for administering tests online hosted at ePariksha is an online test market where educationists and students come together for mutual benefit. This disrupting Idea/Concept of ePariksha will change the way students prepare for the exams.

ePariksha is a Cloud based portal that provides a platform for thousands of career aspirants to practice adequately before the final tests in the objective type testing method. ePariksha also provides a platform for the competent educationists in nook and corner of the nation to operate in global environment and help the career aspirants in preparing for their exams at the same time monetizing their effort as well. Primary goal of ePariksha is to get the career aspirants and educationists together.

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ePariksha is a social networking platform where the career aspirants and educationists come together for mutual benefit. The innovative platform provides number of features online which will help each and every audience on the platform substantially. Wide variety of people in the eco system of the platform will get benefited in direct or in-direct fashion.While the platform can be used wherever there is a need for online test/evaluation, following are the people

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