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17 Sep

Modern Day Smart Phones – A Catastrophe For Your Healthy Sleep Routine

Modern day technology has made our lives easier, but also made us busy and so addicted to the use of these technologies that we fail to sense the dangers associated with them. The first and last thought on everyone’s mind these days is using our Smartphone or laptops for every need. We are not yet ready to move out of our bed or even wear our glasses in the morning, but will squeeze our eyes to see what’s new on our phone as a first morning ritual.

Have you ever wondered if you wake up in the morning and face morning blues even after getting a good night’s sleep? What is affecting your usual sleep routine which makes you feel exhausted all the time no matter what? Let’s dig into what could be the cause of our day to day sleep issues?

Blue light and its modern day sources:

All the modern day equipment that have become a necessity in our daily lives use LED technology to establish higher levels of brightness and clarity. These LEDs emit light in the wavelength of 400-500 nm of the visible spectrum or the blue band. Blue light wavelength affects our lives in the following ways:

  • Darkness signals the brain cells to produce melatonin that kick starts our sleep cycle.
  • Constant exposure to bright screen during the night hours would stimulate the eye cells that are responsive to the particular blue light wavelength.
  • These cells, in turn, signals suprachiasmatic nucleus of the brain to shut off melatonin production and thus shifts your sleep cycle.

What causes insomnia related to the use of smartphones at night?

Sleep disorders due to blue light from your smartphones are rising exponentially as people use these technological advancements just before sleeping or within one hour of going to bed. This problem concerns children more than adults as their cornea is lesser developed and tends to affect their eyes the most.

  • Blue light is more pronounced to be exposed to our body in the day-time.
  • Any exposure to such wavelength, our body signals to follow the daytime routine, making us alert and responsive at night.
  • Melanopsin is a photopigment present in our eyes particularly receptive to blue light.
  • It suppresses melatonin, our timing messenger which is much required for proper circadian rhythms.
  • These effects get intensified when smartphones or laptops are used in dark rooms.
  • The effects can be reduced by:

    • Using these devices at a safe distance from your eyes, at least inches away and at a lower brightness setting.
    • Limiting the usage of these devices within 1 hour before the bedtime.
    • By using applications such as Flux, that helps your device to adjust display color temperature as per the day time to reduce night time eye strain.
    • By using glasses using blue blocking filters while using any of your electronic devices.

    Are these blue light sources actually damaging our eyes?

    Is it just the Melanopsin that is affecting our eyes or the blue light also has the damaging effects on the eyes too? Our eyes might be facing the following dangers when overexposed with these blue light sources:

    • Scientists link blue light exposure to macular degeneration that is often age related.
    • It increases the risk of cataracts even in children.
    • Digital eye strain syndrome is commonly reported and treated these days.
    • Also called computer vision syndrome, it affects the eye causing stress, fatigue, issues with refocusing, redness, headache, and even blurred vision.
    • Some cases of digital eye strain also report neck pain, double vision, and vertigo.

    Overexposure to computer screens causes this eye fatigue when you forget even blinking your eyes frequently. So always follow a 20/20 rule that asks you to focus on any object that lies at least 20 feet away from you for at least 20 seconds after every 20 minutes of computer exposure.

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20 May

Awesome iPhone Accessories That You Need in Your Life Right Now

The iPhone is undoubtedly the most popular phone on the planet. Although there are several models, styles and colors, many of us look for ways to add our own little touch of style to our own handsets. The best way to sprinkle our own individuality to our handset is with some awesome iPhone accessories, not only do they make our phones that little bit sexier, but there are also some great accessories on the market to fully exploit the capabilities of our iPhones. Let’s take a look at which of these accessories you need in your life, right now.


Power Bank

Not exclusive to the iPhone but a vital piece of kit for any iPhone user is a power bank. Creating a long lasting battery which can support the capability of a smartphone without being drained in 2 or 3 hours is something that phone companies including Apple have been pilling millions of dollars of research money into. Whilst the current offerings do the job, you can give it that little extra boost when you’re out and about with a power bank, these are handy pocket-sized batteries which will juice up your phone in no time, and you need to get one if you don’t have one already.

Bike Mount

Any cycling enthusiasts will love this cool gadget which allows them to easily mount their iPhone on the handlebars, perfect to track your movements, check messages as you cycle and a great way to stay on track with your maps. The mount is easy to install and will ensure that your phone stays in place as you go.

Bluetooth Headphones

That pesky cable from your iPhone headphones can be troublesome, especially when you are working out or carrying bags. Bluetooth headphones offer a perfect, cable-free solution. There are many to choose from and you simply need to sync the headphones with your handset and then play your music and podcasts like usual, no more cables to worry about and enjoy a maximum sound.

Bluetooth Keyboard

Typing texts and notes is all well and good but if you want to write out an email or something that is a little more extensive, it can take its toll on your fingers. With a Bluetooth keyboard, you can comfortably type Word documents and emails with ease and most of the available keyboards are foldable and you can slip them right into your pocket.

Snap on Camera

The iPhone camera is one of the best around but sometimes you need that little bit more clarity on your photos to make them look even more professional. In order to do this, you can add a super cool, high definition camera lens which simply snaps on to the top of your phone, it is small enough to carry around with you and will give the photos which you take using your phone that professional edge that you need.

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07 Mar
13 Jan

Q&A: Would you recommend setting up my own web server?

Question from Paul:  I have three blogs (each in a different niche) that currently receive anywhere from 4,000 to 20,000 visitors per month. The two largest blogs have started loading really slow.

All three blogs have been hosted with Godaddy for about four years now. I know it’s time to move them to a dedicated server but the cheapest plan I can find is way out of my budget.

My question is do you think it would be a good idea to move them onto my own server? I have a spare Gateway DX4860-UB32P with 8Gigs of RAM that I can install Red Hat Linux and Apache on. I also have a 60 Mbps Internet connection with Charter.

Do you think this would be a good setup to replace my Godaddy hosting? I make a couple of hundred bucks from my blogs each month but I’d like to eventually make it full time and quit my job so I don’t want to make a big mistake.

Rick’s answer:  Paul, most any blogger (myself included) would love to be able to host their blog(s) on their own web server and save a bunch of money every month, but it rarely works out for the best. I don’t really recommend running a private web server, for the following reasons:

1 – Most consumer grade PCs aren’t built to handle the load of hosting multiple high-traffic websites, and the Gateway machine you are planning to use certainly fits in that category.

In contrast, the servers used by all reputable hosting companies are designed from the ground up for handling heavy page load demands.

2 – If your machine has a hardware failure your blogs will be down until you either get the PC repaired or replaced. And if you have to replace the machine you’ll have to restore your blogs from a recent backup.

A reputable hosting company would have your blogs back up and running in as little as an hour if your server ever fails.

3 – A home Internet connection is inherently too unreliable for web hosting purposes. If your connection ever goes down your blogs will be down until Charter finally gets around to fixing the problem – which could possibly be days! And the same situation also applies to power outages.

Hosting companies typically have multiple redundant Internet connections to ensure that your blogs will stay up if one of those connections fail as well as emergency backup power systems to keep your blogs up and running during power outages.

4 – Your Charter Internet connection is almost certainly too slow to handle your family’s regular Internet usage plus thousands of data requests each day to your web server.

5 – If you were to move your blogs onto your own private web server it would be YOU who would be responsible for the timely installation of all software and security updates. That’s quite a challenging job, especially if you don’t have the skills and experience required to do it.

Hosting your blogs on a server owned and maintained by a reputable hosting company will ensure that your server will always have the latest updates and be protected from the latest security threats.

As you can see, there are a lot of things to consider before deciding to move your blogs onto your own web server.

Truth be told, I don’t think you really need a full-blown dedicated server at this point. Based on their current traffic levels I believe you should try moving your blogs to Dreamhost.

All of Dreamhost’s servers have super-fast SSDs instead of spinning hard drives which means the pages load a lot faster. I believe your blogs would load quite fast from a Dreamhost server even if you opt for shared hosting.

Bottom line: I strongly recommend that you avoid the pitfalls of running your own web server and choose a plan with a high-quality hosting company instead.

Note: The links in this post are affiliate links.

Do you have a tech question of your own for Rick? Click here and send it in!

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03 Nov
03 Nov
01 Nov

Mobile App Development

Selection of a Mobile App Developer for Your App Project


Need to Develop a Mobile App Over a Mobile Website Version



Why Investing in a Mobile App is a Good Decision for Your Business?



Benefits of Custom Business App Solution to Manage Your Organization

October 20, 2016   by Ashfaq Ahmad0 COMMENTS


Why Just Developing a Mobile Application is Not Enough for Driving Your Business?



Some Mind Blowing Features of Mobile E-Commerce Application



What are the Key Points be Kept in Mind for Developing Apps for University Students

October 11, 2016   by Jas Singh Bhasin0 COMMENTS


Must-Have Features for Your Favourite Restaurant App


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01 Nov

News App


The past year has been all about the technology industry infiltrating the publication world. Facebook announced Instant Articles, Google launched an open source platform for publishers with Twitter, and Apple announced its own proprietary News app. At the same time, Flipboard, Yahoo, LinkedIn, and AOL all issued major updates to their respective news apps, showing there is a lot of interest in the world of news on mobile platforms. That said, below are our top picks for the best news apps, whether you’re a die-hard news junkie or merely a casual purveyor of the world affairs.

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New York Times Now

NYT NowThe New York Times has one of the best news apps around in NYT Now. Not only does the app sport a cool icon, but it also offers free access to the most important news stories of the day, including those from other sources. A simple refresh will bring up new stories throughout the day, and you can read briefings for different times of day. Sadly, it’s not available for Android (yet).

Download now from:



Buzzfeed AppBuzzFeed took the world by storm with its viral listicals and other fun content. The app consolidates everything in one place, while allowing to customize the types of articles you see to suit your tastes. You can also browse the menu to view quizzes, what’s trending, or news if you want to further hone your search. BuzzFeed also has a hard news app, which you can get here.

Download now from:



SmartNews AppSmartNews brings you trending stories and categorizes them based on the subject. It’s clutter-free, easy to browse through, and good at digging up fresh content that you’ll actually want to read. Partners include NBC News, Medium, USA Today, TIME, Bleacher Report, Quartz, VICE, Reuters, AP, Perez Hilton, and more.

Download now from:


Google News & Weather

Google News AppIt isn’t Google Reader, but Google News & Weather offers a wide variation of news stories from multiple publishers. Alongside the headlines and local weather, users can browse “Suggested for you,” an area for news stories catered to your most recent searches. Users are also able to highlight an individual topic, such as technology, for all of the current news.

Download now from:



FeedlyThe death of Google Reader was a tragedy for a lot of avid users, but for Feedly, it was a blessing. The news aggregator noticed a huge wave of new users within weeks, and has since improved its mobile service to make it easier to save, read, and bookmark articles. You can select multiple publications from Feedly’s search board, sort them into topics, and save articles for later viewing with bookmarks.

Download now from:



FlipboardFlipboard created a new type of reading experience on mobile, one focused on engaging the reader with the most exciting stories of the day and a magazine-style aesthetic. Hundreds of publications are now available on the news reader, and Flipboard offers a generous amount of topics, whether you’re into technology as a whole or the Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Download now from:


Yahoo News Digest

Yahoo News DigestYahoo’s $30 million acquisition of Summly was all about redesigning News Digest, and the finished product is a marvel. It offers 10 of the top stories in your region, capitalizing on Summly’s artificial intelligence technology as it does to present the information in a tidy package. The news changes every few hours, too, giving you important updates throughout the day.

Download now from:



Alien BlueThere are plenty of options for Reddit, but we recommend Alien Blue for iOS and Reddit Relay for Android. For anyone that hasn’t tried Reddit, users submit posts to relevant subreddits — Android news would be submitted to /r/Android, for instance — and users upvote popular content and comment on it.

Download now from:


Apple News

Apple NewsApple News comes pre-loaded on every iOS device, and sadly, like most of Apple’s apps, it remains unavailable on Android platforms. The News app places a big focus on images and quick loading videos, and publications such as The New York Timesand National Geographic have partnered with the company to make their content readily available. Users are also able to follow trends or individual topics, ranging from vague areas like politics to niche topics such as HTML5.

Read more here:



InsideInside uses human curators to find the best news on the Web, with 270-word updates giving all of the important information. Users are able to quickly view the top curated pieces and topics, alongside a rotating feed of trending articles. The service prides itself on finding the very best articles for any given topic, while offering you a wide selection of publications to choose from.

Download now from:


LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn PulseLinkedIn Pulse received a much needed update a few months ago, but most of the functionality remains the same. Users are able to select articles from publishers or people, and use their LinkedIn account to sign in. Pulse also touts its own video player and staff, which allows the team to curate the most important stories in the business world.

Download now from:


AOL Mail, News & Video

AOL Mail, News & VideoAOL is still kicking, even if it is now a small segment in Verizon’s media empire. Thankfully, since the acquisition, there have been regular updates to its Mail, Weather, and News app. The app even offers a dedicated news feed lined with local weather, topical news, and video sections.

Download now from:


News Republic

News Republic AppNews Republic offers a collection of articles based on trends and personal preferences, letting you see what everyone else is reading and what you’re interested in. For users with limited time, the service also offers a digest, so you can casually check the headlines without having to delve into the full article.

Download now from:



PocketEver read an interesting headline, but don’t have time to dive into the story? Pocket is the perfect app for you. The popular app lets you store news for later reading, and offers a simple user interface that lets find the articles you saved, bookmark them, and archive others you want to come back to. Pocket recently launched a Recommended feature, too, which lets you check what friends and other users have saved.

Download now from:


AP Mobile

AP MobileAssociated Press covers news from all around the world, with a huge team of dedicated reporters that focus on all manners of topics and trends. The service’s companion app comes free of the usual glist and glam that other news services offer, but for people who enjoy getting the facts and little else, it’s a useful resource.

Download now from:


BBC News

BBC NewsThe BBC is another worldwide news organization dedicated to keeping you up to date on the latest topics and news stories. Unlike AP Mobile, however, the BBC News app offers a bit more fun with its articles, along with a live-streaming news channel that’s baked directly into its app.

Download now from:



CNN AppCNN was the first 24-hour cable news channel, and its official app essentially functions as a condensed version of the site. It offers a wide variety of articles, primarily with a on U.S. audiences. Video also plays a larger part on CNN than it does on the BBC, so for fans of video news, this is the app for you.

Download now from:


Al Jazeera English

Al Jazeera EnglishAl Jazeera was the first 24-hour news channel to cover the Middle East, and has become one of the most popular and established publications in the region. Thankfully, it also reports on news from around the globe, whether talking the effects of El Niño in California or the education rate of kids in rural Sudan.

Download now from:


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01 Nov

Latest trend in mobile app development

What are the new trends in mobile application development?Juhi Pandey

Juhi Pandey, Mobile application development expert

When it comes to Mobile industry, it is certainly impossible to rely upon the older technologies & developmental tools. Since choice and preferences of common masses are going through rapid changes because of latest gadgets, new development technologies and other trends, the role of innovation and the adoption of latest trends has become quite an important part of corporate culture.

Let’s see some popular app development trends :

  1. Hybrid HTML 5 Apps :
    It has shown tremendous performance and elegance in app development. No doubt, Hybrid HTML 5 app development will gain more and more momentum in mobile industry and this trend is not going to change in foreseeable future. Hybrid HTML 5 apps are successful in enterprise and consumer app development.
  2. Wearable Tech :
    Wearable technology became the hottest topic in the industry of consumer electronics. Most of the wearable devices developed so far were focusing on health and fitness. But, with the opening of 2015 these wearables are also expected to be utilized in enterprises in order to improve their efficiency and productivity.
    For instance, there is a boom among fashion and textile industry about adopting wearable technology lately.
  3. Internet of Things :
    The IoT is set to push mobile app development to a different level.Wearable tech devices, such as Google Glass and iWatch, have shown that IoT will open up greater opportunities to include advanced features in mobile apps, going ahead.Furthermore, even though the IoT is more consumer based at the moment, it will be leveraged for commercial as well as industrial use. To add to this, IoT is also set to be adopted by, or integrated into, several enterprises, which gives rise to the need for related enterprise app development.
  4. Responsibility of Mobile App Security :
    The focus of your mobile app development should automatically be on security. Only then will app users be able to use apps confidently without worrying about their personal and confidential information leaking.
  5. Cloud Driven :
    With the rise in the usage of multiple mobile devices and wearable tech, app development needs to focus on the ability to integrate and sync their apps on multiple devices. The cloud approach will enable developers to build their applications that can be accessed on multiple devices with same functions, features and data
  6. Mobile Gaming :
    The mobile games have gradually started to move from single player to multiplayer. With the rise of multiplayer games the social interaction and social media integration within the mobile games will become more crucial than ever.
  7. Continuous Delivery :
    Users expect all regular updates that provide timely new features and improvements. The ability to collect user data, analyze, fine tune, and release an update equals continuous delivery.

    The list does not entirely end here. There are many other trends which can add value to the existing app.

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05 Jul

8×8 3mm RGB LED Matrix


A high-brightness, full-colour RGB matrix compatible with Colorduino and Rainbowduino and suitable for breadboard and Arduino usage. Can be used to design Advertising boards, display messages, etc.

This 8×8 RGB Matrix LED is perfectly suited for breadboard, Arduino, and Colorduino, Rainbowduino and most other popular RGB matrix-driving boards. The product is a compact board- 6cm x 6cm, but bright enough to be noticed from a distance.


  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • Easy to controlled by your Arduino board and other Microcontroller boards.
  • 3mm LED’s are clear for maximum brightness.
  • This display is fully compatible with Rainbowduino.
  • Compatible with Arduino RGB LED Matrix Driver Shield Colors Shield
  • Pins:32
  • Wavelength:467nm, 523nm, 623nm
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