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21 Oct

10 Security Checks Before You Choose Cloud Hosting

One of the biggest benefits that cloud hosting provides to businesses is its ability to handle the security, backup, and support all by itself and allows the company to concentrate on the business end of things.

Cloud computing has emerged as the leading solution for:

  • Businesses seeking to cut storage costs
  • Ensuring that day-to-day tasks are streamlined
  • Eliminating the need for excessive hardware or IT personnel.

With an ever growing number of companies opting for cloud-based storage, there is a growing concern whether businesses are truly getting their money’s worth with cloud-based providers. Here are 10 security essentials that you should absolutely look out for when going for cloud enabled IT solutions.


Blue Cloud security (done in 3d)

#1: Review the cloud hosting company’s testimonials

While many cloud hosting companies make tall claims, you can verify a good company from an ordinary one by reading user reviews. Third-party confirmations such as awards and accolades as well as solid proof in the form of verification from other users are a good sign. Request the cloud vendor to provide additional customer references and also do a quick run through on review sites to see if the cloud services meet the expectations.

#2: Opt for a Trial Session

Generally, top cloud hosting companies provide a free trial for users to test before making a purchase. If the cloud vendor doesn’t have a trial on the site, request for one via the contact information page. If the services are as good as they say, they should have no problem in allowing you to try out their services.

Explain in detail that you would like to be fully satisfied with their services before you go ahead and make a large investment.

#3: Transparency in services

As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to know everything that goes down with your cloud service providers. From the type of technology used to the secondary service providers employed by the parent cloud company. In order to better understand the type of infrastructure used by your cloud vendor, you need to be in the clear to operate your business functions reliably.

#4: Disaster Recovery Management

Unfortunate scenarios such as server crashes and power outages are a common occurrence in many cloud hosting companies. As far as your business is concerned, you need to be online 24/7 and such instances only cause a loss of revenue, this is why communication between the vendor and client is so important. Ensure that your cloud vendor can be contacted at a moment’s notice and can provide all details of any untoward incidents.

#5: The Success Mantra

Whether it’s exceptional customer support, excellent data-center infrastructure, or the best deals in the business, cloud service providers have their specialties. It’s important to understand this success formula so your company can understand if it stands to benefit.

#6: Contract flexibility and price protection

Many cloud computing companies offer protection from seasonal price peaks in the form of standardized annual price protection. What this means is, as a consumer you are safe from shelling out extra money during a surge in pricing for the duration of the contract or annually.

A violation of contract generally shows a bad licensing practice from the cloud hosting company, hence it’s advisable to only commit when you are fully convinced of the cloud company’s subscription terms.

#7: Integration capabilities on offer

Robust integration is something that most business companies look out for in their cloud vendors. It’s important to know if the integration has any limits such as short or long-term and whether they use a pay-per-use model. Knowing whether your cloud vendor has a skilled pool of integration resources that can be summoned when needed is critical for your business.

#8: Know your cloud’s security layers

Security features in the form of firewalls, malware scanners, anti-virus, etc. are some important tools that you need to have a good idea on. Apart from the software-based features, physical security features such as fingerprint control, remote surveillance, and protected server racks are some of the basic security protocols that can be expected from top cloud vendors.

#9: Data transport costs

A large number of cloud hosting companies attach a flat fee to the amount of data that is being sent and received by their servers. It’s important to determine the distance between the cloud server and you, as you end up paying more, the greater the distance.

#10: Should be Platform Agnostic

As a privileged customer, it’s your right to ask your cloud vendor if their infrastructure supports your choice of the operating system. This is very important as all your data and applications should remain in their current state without altering them. It’s the vendor’s job to support different types of OS

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16 Oct

10 Best Ways To Make Money Online in 2016

Making money online was a secondary source of income in the past. Nowadays many people started quitting their regular jobs to make money online, and most of them are turning out to be successful. Online earning, is all about proper strategy and implementing things in a right way. All you have to do is to understand your skills and apply them correctly the right way. There are thousands of legitimate ways to earn money online just choose the one which best suits you. One of the quickest and easiest ways to start working from home is to land a work-at-home job.

1.Is it possible to Make Money Online?

  • Yes, it is possible to make money online. I have been Blogging and was an Internet Marketer for about five years now. It’s a great field, and I saw many people becoming successful in this field.

2.How much time does it take to Make Money Online?

  • You can’t make money over night. It’s time taking a process, and you must have a lot of patience. Perseverance is the key when coming to online income.

3.How much money can we earn online?

  • This depends on your efforts and approach. If you get things right, you can make anywhere between $500 to $50,000 per month.

10 Best Ways To Make Money Online:

1.Make Money Online With A Website or Blog:

Blogging has always been the best source of income, and you can generate a consistent income via Blogging. All you have to do is create a blog with high-quality content and make sure your content reaches your targeted audience. You should also learn how to market your content well or else things won’t work. For this purpose, you have to learn SEO and Social Media Marketing.

  • If you have any doubts, you can raise your question on ATB Forum for Geeks and Bloggers.

2.Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing Model

This is always one of the best ways to Make Money Online. In this method, you have to refer a product to someone. When that person refers you, then you will get a commission. I will be discussing more about Affiliate Marketing in the upcoming posts.

3.Make Money Online By Uploading and Sharing files(PPD):

You can make some awesome money with PPD site. Here PPD means Pay Per Download.All you have to do is to upload your Files to these sites, and you will get a link to share.When people click on this link, they will be demanded to do a survey before download. So, when people complete the survey, you will get paid.

The best PPD site from my experience is FileIce.Net. There are many ways to promote your files and drive traffic which I will sharing in my upcoming posts, so stay tuned.

4.Make Money Online for Clicking Ads:

Some networks offer you money for just reading their mails. Most of you think its scam but believe me, there are some networks which really pays like ClixSense. However, you cannot make much from from it. It can just be an additional source; that’s all.

Best PTC networks from my experience are Neobux and ClixSense.

5.Make Money Online Via Freelancing:

Freelancing is one of the greatest ways to make money online. To make money by freelancing , you need to have a particular talent or skill , on the basis of which you can provide services to others . There are many freelance online jobs providing sites , so choose some of them and earn money by completing the assigned works.

Some best websites to get started with Freelancing are Freelancer,Odesk,Guru,Elance.

6.Make Money Online With Paid Online Surveys:

This is also another great way to make money online as it doesn’t require any hard work and great knowledge. All you have to do is to register for a free account on paid online surveys network and give your views, ideas, opinions, etc. and get paid. One of the best-paid surveys networks is,, etc.

7.Make Money Online By Selling your E-Books:

If you are an expert in any field, then you can write E-Books, and you can make money online by selling your E-Books. If your book goes viral, then you can make tons of money out of it.

8.Make Money Online By Writing Quality Articles:

If you are a good writer, then you can write some quality articles and get paid for them.Many Blogs/Websites pay their Guests for writing quality articles for them.

9.Make Money with CPA:

CPA is very much similar to Affiliate Marketing but its a lot easier than Affiliate Marketing where we will be earning from Cost Per Sale.But in CPA, the visitors might now buy the product, but you get paid when they take a specific action like submitting their email id or phone number, etc.

The best CPA network to get started is Peerfly.

10.Some More Ways:

There are much more ways to make money online like Trading(Stock Market), Selling your own products, Data Entry Jobs, Working as Virtual Assistants, etc.If I missed any, do let me know in your comments.


There are many ways to make money online legally. In this article, I listed 10 best ways to make money online. I will be discussing each and every way in detailed in further articles.

If you have any more doubts on making money online, you can make use of our Forum to get your doubts cleared.

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12 Oct

Airtel Rolls Out New Plan To Counter Reliance Jio, Offers 10Gb Data At Rs 259

After rolling out a 90-days free data plan priced at Rs 1,494 specifically for 4G users to hit back at Reliance Jio’s offer, Airtel has now announced another exciting data offer for all customers purchasing a new 4G smartphone. The company is providing 10GB 4G/3G data on a recharge of just Rs 259 along with any new 4G-enabled

This effectively implies that Airtel is offering data at just over Rs 25 a GB to take on aggressive pricing from entrant Reliance Jio.

Get 10GB 4G data for Rs. 259 with any new 4G smartphone

Yes, intensifying the war against Reliance Jio, telecom player Bharti Airtel on Wednesday rolled out a  10 GB data offer  plan for Rs 259 for consumers buying a new 4G mobile device.

Airtel says one GB data of it will be instantly credited to the customer’s account and the additional 9 GB data can be claimed by the customer through MyAirtel App.

This 10GB data can be used over a period of 28 days. Users can avail a maximum of 3 recharges within 90 days, on the offer.

For existing subscribers, Airtel is offering special 4G prepaid pack for Rs 1,495 with free unlimited 4G data for 90 days.

Speaking at the announcement Ajai Puri, Director – Market Operations, Bharti Airtel, said.

“We are proud to have pioneered 4G network for users in India. This invitational offer has been designed for our data savvy customers who can now experience high speed broadband on Airtel’s 4G network with their new devices.”

Lately, Airtel has become increasingly aggressive by launching a bevy of lucrative data packs to retain its customers from migrating to Reliance Jio.

Last month, Airtel launched a new International Roaming (IR) pack offering free incoming, SMSs and limited time free out-going calls.

Airtel has also stepped up its efforts to increase 4G coverage in more areas in India. Airtel 4G is currently available in 18 circles across India. In non – 4G circles, 3G data will be available to customers with their 4G devices.

The offer which is available only on 4G handsets can be availed only within 30 days of purchase of the handset. And the pack prices may vary from circle to circle.

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08 Oct

What Bill Gates Will Do If He Has To Survive On Rs 100 Per Day?

If you have $2 per day (Rs. 100) what you could do? Well, we have different ideas to spend $2. But just imagine if Bill Gates, best-known entrepreneurs of the personal computer revolution and one of the richest person in the world have that money what he can do? When asked the same question, Bill Gates answered that he would raise chickens and explained that there is no single answer to this since poverty situations are different in different places.

He also added “But through my work with the foundation, I’ve met many people in poor countries who raise chickens, and I have learned a lot about the ins and outs of owning these birds. It’s pretty clear to me that just about anyone who’s living in extreme poverty is better off if they have chickens.”

What Are The Main Reasons Behind This?

Bill Gates has four main reasons.

  1. Chickens are easy to take care of and are very cheap:

  2. Good investment source:

  3. 3. Eating chicken and eggs is beneficial for you

  4. 4. Capability of generating income which in turn empowers women to take lead as entrepreneurs:

  5. Why Bill Gates Raise Chicks If He Had $2?

    According to the reports, Bill Gates has done research when he his on a trip to West Africa and has come to the conclusion that “an owner of 10 chickens can yield a flock of 40 chicks after a period of 3 months. Moreover, if the sale price of every chicken is considered $5, which means that an owner can on an average earn around $1,000 per year. Owners who fall under the extreme poverty line can earn up to $700 a year.”

  6. Bill Gates says “It sounds funny, but I mean it when I say that I am excited about chickens”. Melinda Gates has partnered with another organization Heifer International, which together do the charity of donating livestock to poor families across the globe. Now, they have made it a goal of helping 30% of families in Sub-Saharan Africa to raise these chickens.

    What are your views about this? Mention in the comment section below.

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07 Oct

Tata Cliq Great Festober Sale 2016 – Discount Coupons, Promo Codes Upto 80% OFF

Now-a-days shopping has become very much easy. There are many online portals where we can get the products at our doorsteps within no time. But when going for the online shopping one must see the durability, reliability, quality etc., without burning our pockets. For this Tata CLiQ being the most reliable online shopping sites has come up with the best deals and discounts on almost all the products. Shop online from 1200+ Indian & International brands from Tata CLiQ with great discounts and deals.

Tata CLiQ is the Online shopping in India at the most trusted destination. Latest Tata CLiQ Diwali offers & coupons on clothing, shoes, mobiles and electronic appliances for both men and women.Tata CLiQ’s FESTOBER Fireworks Sale is here with great discounts & offers. TataCLiQ is offering top branded collection with 50% to 80% OFF on final cart value. Save money with the best Tata CliQ Coupon Codes and Offers.

Tata CLiQ Discount Codes, Promo Offers, Coupon Codes Oct 2016

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29 Sep

Everything You Need to Know About The Dark Web

Have you ever gone through the words ‘Deep Web’ or ‘Dark Web’? Mostly, we hear these words in popular spy movies and TV shows. It is the term that is used to describe a collection of websites that are visible but actually hidden from the general public. These websites remain their IP addresses as secret and make it impossible to identify who is behind the screen.

You think that you can find them through the standard browsers such as Chrome and Firefox or they are not even indexed on Google or Yahoo either, but they can’t be accessed through these browsers.

So, people can buy anything illegal from many of these websites. You can buy a gun or a kilo of marijuana from Mexico. You can hire a killer or even buy yourself a fake identity. The Deep Web is a dark place and lets us find out what goes on in there.

How Does It Work?

Almost all, every website in the Dark Web uses an encryption tool called TOR. This TOR acts a browser to these websites. So, many of these websites have a .tor domain which means you cannot access through regular browsers. TOR is also known as Onion Routing because the Internet is much like an onion and has many layers.

Tor or Onion Routing is free software that was developed by the United States Naval Research Lab for anonymous communication.

For your information, there are around 8 million websites on the Internet from all over the world. One of the shocking and interesting facts is that “traffic to websites like Facebook, Google, Amazon and any other page that uses HTTPS or .com as a domain, only contributes to only 4% of web content on the internet and the remaining 96% of the digital universe is mostly present in the Deep Web. These websites are protected by passwords and even cannot be traced to their owners.

Not all Dark Websites in the Deep Web use TOR encryption, some websites like the all new Silk Road Reloaded use a similar service called I2P. Silk Road was a website for purchasing and selling recreational drugs.  It was the first modern black market website that caught too much heat and the owner was arrested and imprisoned recently.

Why is it called Deep Web or Dark Web?

It feels exciting and scary talking about Dark Websites. Both the terms look like they are co-related but these terms tend to be different in definition. Deep Web is a term used for ALL websites that are present in the network including ‘Dark Web’ sites. Deep Web consists of all sorts of data which is boring and present for mundane reasons.

What Is The Dark Web And What Do They Do Here?

The Dark web, which is a part of the Deep Web, requires specialized tools and equipment to access. These websites are set deep underground. Because of its nature, we cannot possibly measure or determine how many websites actually exist with mischievous or hateful content. Here are few horrific websites.

Online Black Market Marketplaces:

In the Deep Web, mostly visited websites are marketplaces that sell illegal drugs, pharmaceutical products and pirated games. According to the web reports, the user base that visits these websites normally like to buy and sell the following drugs:

The Deep Web provides a platform for secrecy which is the best way of motivation people to engage in illegal activities. There is a cybercriminal underground and these activities can have drastic effects in the real world.

Ross William Ulbricht aka Dread Pirate Roberts, the founder of Silk Road was accused of money laundering, murder for hire, computer hacking, conspiracy to traffic fraudulent identities and conspiracy to traffic narcotics. His website ‘Silk Road’ enabled people to sell all these services.

The availability of illegal drugs is easily accessible and varies on the Deep Web. Many of these websites sell cocaine, cannabis, and psychedelics amongst others.

There’s even a search engine called ‘Grams’ that guides and allows people to easily search Deep Web sites that sell illegal drugs. They had even mimicked the Google logo to set themselves apart from other competing websites.

Money Laundering and Counterfeiting:

In the Deep Web, people don’t need to use their credit card or debit card to buy products and you don’t even need PayPal for these services. There is a special and virtual currency called ‘Bitcoin’ which is the dominant mode of payment and it is a currency designed keeping anonymity in mind. It is the ideal currency for illegal activities which is out of control of banks and governments.

There are few services on the Deep Web which makes even harder for authorities to track your Bitcoin transactions. These services mix your Bitcoins through spidey networks and return them to you. Of course, they charge a small processing fee but this way it remains impossible to track.

Bitcoins can be exchanged for real cash; however, there is a wide availability of fake currency on the Deep Web. This fake cash is available to buy in bulk or per order basis. They are nearly identical to the real thing and are made of 100% Cotton Linen Paper, which is used in most paper money today. Most of these bills can be detected by an infrared scanner but that does not prevent people from buying or selling it. These websites offer $20 Bills for half the price and other websites also offer Euros and Yen.


“According to research by Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), the most popular items sold on the dark web are illegal drugs. MDMA and Marijuana are the most popular items sold, however, the sale of guns and other forms of weapons are catching up.  There is a dedicated website called The Armory, where users can buy all kinds of illegal firearms and explosives. And get this; they ship it all over the world!”

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01 Sep

How To Check Own Mobile Number On Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, Aircel, BSNL, Docomo, Reliance

Whenever you get a new SIM card, it takes time to memorize our own mobile number. Most of the times we end up with calling friends or relatives to know the number. However, if you don’t have the balance to make a call, how can you find the phone number? Here is the tutorial through which you can check your mobile number of any telecom operator with zero balance like Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, Aircel, BSNL, Docomo, Reliance using USSD codes without any charges.

All these codes are working and this is the simple method to know your own mobile number. Just open your phone’s dialer and type the USSD codes which are given below and hit the call button or sometimes you need to just type the code which is completely free.

Check Your Airtel Mobile Number (My Airtel Number):

If you have Airtel Sim and want to know the mobile number? Then you can check own Airtel number easily. Dial any one of the following USSD Code and follow the instructions on your screen to find Own Airtel number.


Check Own Idea Mobile Number:

Idea started own mobile number check services. To know your Idea phone number dial the USSD code from your Idea Sim. It is very simple to check Idea Phone number with the help of these codes.


Check Your Aircel Mobile Number:

To find out my phone number in Aircel sim card dial the Aircel USSD Code. The following are the AIrcle USSD Codes. By just dialing them you can know your number without any charges.


Check Your BSNL Mobile Number:

To check BSNL phone number dial the USSD code through your BSNL SIM. You will get your number on the screen.


Check Your Vodafone Mobile Number:

You can very easily find the Vodafone mobile number with the help of USSD code. All you need to do is just Dial any of the code and get your own number.


Check TATA DOCOMO Phone Number:

You can easily able to check your own Docomo phone number with the help of USSD codes. Dial these Codes with your Docomo SIM Card.



Your Reliance Mobile Number:

If you are Reliance User and want to check the mobile number following are the USSD Codes.


Check Your Telenor Mobile Number:

To Check your Telenor number simply dial the following USSD Code.


List To Check Own Mobile Number Using USSD Code For All Operators:

Telecom Operator USSD Code
Airtel *121*9#  or *121*1#
Aircel *131# or *1#.
BSNL *222#
Idea *131*1# or *121*4*6*2#
MTNL *8888#
Reliance *1# or *111#
TATA DOCOMO *1# Or *124#
Vodafone *111*2#
Videocon *1#
Telenor *1#

This is the easy way to get the mobile number if you have lost. Most of the USSD codes are working. If any code is not working mention in the comment section below.

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25 Aug

Ways To Ensure Your Business Can Survive A Catastrophe On High Seas

Imagine a situation in which the bulk cargo accidently falls off into the water from the conveyor belt attached to the ship while it is being loaded. Some of the accidents may also occur due to the properties of the cargo that pose an extreme danger of fire, contamination, and liquefaction. For example, goods like cotton, coal, and sulphur may heat up through oxidation during the voyage and cause an uncontrollable fire or explosion. Bulk cargo including iron ore fines, nickel, and other minerals might also transform into a liquid state due to compaction of the cargo from engine variations. Such situations are common and can lead to huge financial loss, affecting several parties. Even by ensuring the best security measures, there is no absolute guarantee of cargo safety especially while it is being transported on high seas.International shipping industry carries more than 90% of the world trade. There are a variety of large vessels like the massive 18,000 TEU EEE which have been developed to acquire better economies of scale. But, larger carriers, though designed in such a manner that they can bear the most serious natural disasters, still do not guarantee 100% cargo safety. This is because apart from any natural or man-made disaster, the potential danger may also lurk in some unexpected accident or the dangerous properties of the goods being transported.


The parties vulnerable to huge financial loss due to cargo damage can be the cargo owners, importers, exporters along with the owner and financiers of the ship who may also suffer the brunt of any catastrophe.

Is there a way to ensure your business continues without getting financially distressed?

Yes, the solution lies in the humble marine insurance policy that offers the comprehensive cover for the ship carriers (Marine Hull Insurance) as well as for the cargo (Marine Cargo Insurance) under a single cover. Generally, Marine Hull Insurance is feasible for ship owners, and a cargo policy can be availed by organizations dealing with import and export of their goods.

The Risks on High Seas and Marine Insurance

  1. Natural Disaster Cover

Potential Hazard: Suppose there is sudden strong cyclone leading to violent wind and rain for a considerable period. Imagine a ship going through such a condition while carrying dry bulk cargo like coal, iron ore or agricultural products like grains. It cannot afford any kind of moisture, but the chances are high that some cargo can be damaged due to it

Marine Cover: It is certain that cyclone is beyond human control. The resulting damage to the cargo is also unavoidable even with the best safety measure. A marine insurance policy can come handy in such cases as it will reimburse the insured cargo or the ship owner with the estimated loss of damage to the cargo and the ship respectively.

  1. Complete Loss of Cargo

Potential Hazard: Undesirable geographical conditions can also lead to the sinking of the ship and total loss of freight. These include the appearance of an iceberg, coral reefs, and sandbars which are difficult to navigate especially with bulk cargoes. Despite all efforts, in case the ship sinks, it can lead to a huge financial burden which can be difficult to bear personally or by any organisation.

Marine Cover: Thus, whether it is the shipowner or the cargo owner, both parties are at financial risk which can be feasibly taken care of through an insurance policy.

  1. Inefficient Storage

Potential danger: Cargo might also be destroyed due to inefficient storage of goods. For example, contamination of products like cement can occur due to the reaction from residues of previous cargo. The water can enter the container through loose hatch locks and damage the goods like dry grains.

Marine Cover: Even though storage of goods might have been done in the most secure manner, such mistakes might happen. The insurer will inspect the exact cause of damage in such cases and cover the estimated loss accordingly.

  1. Enemy Attacks

Potential danger: Presently, risks of piracy and theft of goods on the ship are on the rise. The Pirates might keep the ship stranded for an extended period.

Marine Cover: The pirate attack can damage both the ship and the cargo. Even if they do not damage the cargo, there is a risk of to it if the goods are perishable. Such losses are also covered under the marine insurance policy.

In all the scenarios like mentioned above, it is feasible to avail the marine insurance policy that suits your requirements and avoid any kind of catastrophe on high seas.

Apart from these benefits, marine insurance may also be a requirement while transporting goods through the international waters. As an exporter/importer, shipping line owner, financier, or owner of the cargo you would like to ensure that you buy a plan which is easy to manage according to your business needs and covers the risks your cargo or ships are exposed to.

 Online general insurance advisors like SecureNow can assist you in arriving at a decision, manage your policy, and filing a claim.
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24 Aug

10 iOS Apps You Must Uninstall From Your iPhone Right Now

Apple’s iPhone is no doubt a masterpiece and the iStore provides a variety of useful utilities and applications, adding jewels to the crown. And the layout of the iStore is so appealing that lures you to put your time and efforts in checking out the available applications. But also, there are few apps which are of no use and only lessen the availability of your phone storage. But, not anymore. Yes, that means now it’s time to let them go. Here we listed some iOS apps you should uninstall right now. We swear you’ll feel instantly lighter after deleting these apps from your phone.

For a better productivity, uninstall these 10 iOS apps right now from your iPhone.

1. BBM

Remember when BBM was the most popular messaging solution for your iPhone? Remember when the latest trend was not a hello but asking for a BBM QR Code? Well that was a while ago and you haven’t touched it since more messenger apps were launched. Get rid of it and let this last vestige of BlackBerry fade into the ether.

2. Draw Something

We all enjoyed this virtual artistry for hours a day when it was all the rage, but when was the last time you played this game? Weeks? Months? Years? Yes, exactly. This game was simply three-week hype, and now it’s all faded. Today, your obsession with ‘Draw Something’ has been replaced by your obsession with Candy Crush or Dots. So go ahead and get rid of it.

3. Facebook Camera

Do you have this Facebook’s standalone camera app somewhere on your iPhone. Believe me, it’s useless. Unless you’re obsessed with having every photo filter app out there, Facebook Camera has no business being on your device. It does nothing well. Delete away.

4. Foursquare

Foursquare lets your friends know where you are and figuring out where they are. It allows users to find nearby friends, share their current location and collaborate to make plans. But, this app is useless. I mean, what’s the point in knowing where your friends are when they just checked-in on Facebook?

5. Google Earth

Kick this app to the curb. Yes, everybody has a default app for maps on their phones, so what’s a need for another app to bug up the phone storage?

6. Office apps

You don’t need Office apps on your iPhone. It would take up a lot of storage, plus, drain your battery. So, get rid of them. Instead, use these applications on a laptop.

7. Poke

In late 2012, Facebook took aim at the latest threat to its social media empire, Snapchat, with a native app dedicated to the most mysterious of Facebook exchanges: the poke. This half-baked, knee-jerk response to the timed message craze reeked of “me too!” when it came out, and it hasn’t gotten any better since. You don’t need it. It is safe to say that even if you must poke, you don’t need a dedicated app to do so. Get rid of it.

8. Rhapsody

Rhapsody was never the best streaming music service, and now that there are so many better options – including Apple’s own iTunes Radio, Rhapsody is slowly fading away. Delete this thing and save your storage space.

9. Fatbooth

it might be fun (limited) laughing at how you and your friends would look like if they suddenly piled on the pounds and became twice their size. But that’s no excuse for why this app still taking up valuable space on your home screen.

And worst of all, it’s likely not the only one you’re keeping – apps that make your face look old; apps that switch your face with someone else’s; apps that turn your face into a cute manga-ish avatar.

10. Photosynth

The Photosynth app allows creating interactive images by stitching together a series of photographs. But it takes up a lot of memory. So apart from the one or two test images you made, its likely Photosynth has lost in your Photography folder. It’s time to tell this app to get lost.

Do, let us know if we missed out any in your comments below.

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02 Nov

Blackberry deal with ford

BlackBerry signs software deal with Ford to develop cars of the future

BlackBerry has signed a deal with Ford to provide its software for the car giant’s connected vehicles as it looks to new areas for growth after ditching its handset business.

 The agreement which was announced on Monday, will see the expanded use of BlackBerry’s QNX software in Ford cars. QNX is already used in Ford’s in-car infotainment systems. The two companies did not disclose the terms of the deal or where the new software will be used.
Brendan McDermid | Reuters
John Chen, CEO, Blackberry

BlackBerry will dedicate a team to work with Ford on expanding the use of BlackBerry’s QNX Neutrino Operating System and Certicom security technology.

The Ontario, Canada-based firm was once a titan of the mobile industry but failed to keep up with the likes of Apple and Samsung. In recent years, it has tried to pivot away from hardware and focus on software, particularly in new areas like the automotive industry.

Ford also has mapped out its plans for the future of driving, recently announcing its intention to produce a fleet of driverless cars for ride-sharing services like Uber by 2021. The U.S. firm said it would triple its autonomous vehicle test fleet this year and expand its footprint in Silicon Valley.

The two companies did not say if the partnership involves work on driverless cars.

BlackBerry will be hoping its deal with Ford will put it at the center of the carmaker’s plans and open the door for similar agreements with other manufacturers.

Traditional carmakers are racing to bring driverless cars on the road as they face competition from the likes of Tesla and Google. As such, a number of automakers have partnered with technology firms to develop future cars.

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