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28 Sep

How To Be A Productive Project Manager While Working From Home?

Waking up to a cup of hot cappuccino and sitting down at your desk while having a beautiful view of the world. A scenario like this may seem like a farfetched dream, but it’s quite the reality to many project managers that have built their careers working from home.

You too can join this elite club!

Remote work offers unlimited freedom to the average introvert who wishes to work in peace. To bring out the best working potential out of you, we have listed various tips and strategies to better improve your managerial skills.

Tips to become a better Social Media Manager

Lend your services to various companies and offer to promote their product via social media advertising. All you need is basic computing skills and good knowledge on various social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

The primary task of a social media manager is to connect a target company with potential clients. This can be accomplished by posting quirky ads, creating articles related to products, blogs on how to use a product and so on.

The key to success in this field is to strategize on creativity. Be open to new and exciting ways to communicate to people and hold their interest. Stay updated on the latest trends and news that are doing the rounds, especially in the concerned field of your company, implement the best of these strategies.

The key to finding success as a Graphic Designer

Graphic designing is all about communicating with visuals. As a graphic designer, some of the most popular projects that you may end up managing belong to these categories:

  • Creating logos for companies and business cards
  • Designing greeting and wedding cards
  • Working on social media sites for web advertising
  • Developing excellent and simplistic websites using custom templates

To excel in graphic designing, you must spend plenty of hours using design programs. These programs are available for free and require you to have a computer with a stable internet connection. Adobe Photoshop is a popular program among graphic designers, with which you can edit photographic imagery and build website mockups.

A work-at-home graphic designer enjoys the exciting nature of being independent and creating their own designs. Your exclusive creativity is shown to your clients and it can create abundant projects for you to work with.

Remote Call Center Agent – Things to Improve on

If you have faith in your communicative skills, then becoming a work-at-home customer service representative is the way to go. Your main assignment consists of taking calls from customers related to support, service, and complaints.

The benefits to this job include

  • Simple eligibility process requires just good communication and people skills to begin
  • No commute needed as you work from home
  • Your telephone/mobile becomes your office so you can be on the move and still work
  • Flexible schedules to work day or night shift as per your preference
  • Enjoy the same employee benefits of a desk job

To build up your communicative skills, it’s important to understand various accents from around the world as this can increase your overall performance score. Ensure you provide a detailed report of your daily call logs as this showcases professionalism. Politely transfer calls of customers to the concerned department instead of trying to solve a problem you are unsure of.

Optimum Project Management Tricks for Web Developers

Learning how to code is the base requirement if you ever want to get close to a career in web developing. Once you have learned to code in a programming language such as Ruby, Python, HTML, Java, etc. you are all set to become a web developer.

The perks of a remote web developer are enjoying a variety of projects to work with. Many web developers get the exclusive opportunity to be part of a project that could be innovative to the world. As a web developer, you can choose to work solely on programs/software or dabble in website building.

To be an efficient web developer, learn more computing languages as this directly expands your job qualifications. Always update yourself on the latest programming news. Being proficient in multiple languages allows you to manage multiple projects. Ensure your clients are always kept in the loop, you need to provide them with day-to-day updates on larger products or hourly updates on smaller projects.

In Conclusion

Project management skills require strong organizational skills, regardless of your field. Careful attention to deadlines and workflows ensures you complete your project in the given time frame. Clients and companies appreciate timely responses and optimum work quality, strive to achieve both these goals.

As a work-at-home project manager, it’s advisable to only take projects that you can handle. Productivity doesn’t necessarily mean handling a workload that you aren’t able to complete in time.

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10 May

Astronomers determine exact mass of black hole in another galaxy


Black holes are big — no one is disputing that. However, the question of exactly how big a black hole is can change the way we understand the formation of the universe and evolution of galaxies. Astronomers from the University of California, Irvine used the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) in Chile to analyze a supermassive black hole like never before, and were able to determine its mass far more accurately than previous measurements.

The black hole in question is at the center of NGC 1332, a giant elliptical galaxy about 73 million light years away from Earth. Most galaxies have giant black holes in the center, but only one in ten elliptical galaxies have disks of cold molecular gas and dust that orbit the black hole and allow for more accurate measurements. This is where ALMA directed its 66 radio antennas. There’s no way to look at the back hole directly, but it’s this spinning vortex of matter that can give away its true size.

It’s a common misconception (aided by occasional hyperbolic descriptions) that black holes consume any and all matter and energy around them. While they do have tremendous gravitational pull, that doesn’t mean everything falls into them. The back hole in NGC 1332 has a disk roughly 800 light years in diameter. The innermost 80 light years is the most important area where the black hole’s gravity is the predominant force (known as the sphere of influence).

The Milky Way, behind the ALMA telescopes

The Milky Way, behind the ALMA telescopes

The team focused on tracking the radio wave emissions from carbon monoxide molecules in the disk. In September 2014 ALMA was used to probe the black hole for carbon monoxide signatures in the sphere of influence, then the same scan was run a year later at a higher resolution. The data revealed structures as small as 16 light years across — not bad for a different galaxy. The instrument reported that the disk had a maximum rotational speed of 500km per second (over 1.1 million miles per hour). Mapping the rotation of the disk gave the team the black hole’s precise mass — 660 million solar masses.

Astronomers believe this method to be more accurate than past visible spectrum measurements based on hotter ionized gas around other black holes. The turbulent nature of such matter makes rotational analysis much less accurate. The team is currently analyzing ALMA data from several more elliptical galaxies in the study, and six more are lined up for future observation.


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