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20 Aug

12 Useful Android Apps That Aren’t Available On Google Play Store 2017

We all know that apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat and much more are the top downloaded apps in the Google Play Store, but this doesn’t mean that they are the best apps available. There are a ton of Android apps that are not available in the Google Play store. Apparently, there are more than 1 million Android apps on Google Play store. Some of them are good, others, well not so much.

Due to their nature or non-compliance with certain Google policies, there are quite a few others who haven’t made into the official app store, and some are worth investigating. And as a result, most of us don’t even know these apps exist.

These apps are easy to install, so long as you know where to find them. Remember that in most cases you won’t be alerted when they are updated, so it’s a good idea to check back with the download location from time to time to ensure you’re always running the latest version. Also to install these APKs on your Android smartphone/tablet, be sure to enable Install from Unknown Sources from Settings.


Some of these apps may harm your device if you don’t use them right or download it from a wrong place. So, install and use them at your own risk.

Best and Useful Android Apps that are not available on Google Play:

1. TubeMate:

TubeMate is a YouTube downloader app which is not allowed on the Play Store due to Google restrictions.

  • You can download YouTube videos in various formats and resolutions.
  • It also supports downloading video from websites such as Facebook, Vimeo, and DailyMotion, etc.
  • You can also download them as an audio file.

You are advised to download the APK from verified websites, as there are a lot of fakes, infected TubeMate APKs on the Internet.

Download TubeMate APK Here

2. Lucky Patcher:

Lucky Patcher is an app that gives you actual control over the permissions you assign to other apps installed on your android device. First, you have to root your phone before installing the app before you can start modifying app permissions, backing up and restoring apps, deleting excessive advertising and even circumventing license verification for premium apps.

  • Remove ads from apps and games. The app can Identify the apps with an advertisement on your device. It can easily remove the ads.
  • Remove license verification of pro apps. So you don’t need to buy anything from play store. Lucky patcher is able to remove in-app purchase verification.
  • Modify app permission. The app can be used to remove any app permissions.

It’s better to make a full backup of your apps and data before using this app as it can possibly lead to loss of data. It can also remove Google Ads from the app.

Download Lucky Patcher APK Here

3. WiFi Kill:

WifiKill APK is basically a wifi network controller app. It can disable the internet connection of other devices connected to the same wifi network. It is a very useful tool for wifi internet users, using which you can cut other people off from a common wifi network and allocate all the bandwidth to yourself.You can see the list of devices in the wifi network that you are using.

  • You can see the list of devices in the wifi network that you are using.
  • WifiKill can show the data transfer rate (download, upload) of grabbed devices.
  • You can monitor the network activity of any device using wifi.
  • Names of the devices connected to the network are displayed.
  • Most importantly, you can cut off the net connection of any device which is connected to the same wifi network as yours.
  • It works on tablets too.

Search for devices on the network by name or IP address. Generate a fake MAC address on your Android.

Download WiFi Kill APK Here

4. WhatsApp Plus:

You might have heard from everywhere that WhatsApp Plus is not working anymore. But you can use it and do all the functions which were available in original WhatsApp which was made by the developers. WhatsApp Plus comes up with the new and amazing features of hiding last seen and few similar tricks which you will surely love it. You can change the theme of WhatsApp and give it to your friends easily by sharing them as a theme.XML files.

  • Hide last seen, Blue ticks and second ticks.
  • Always Online mode, Option to disable voice calling.
  • You can change launcher icon of WhatsApp.
  • Save, load and share your themes with your friends.
  • Configure pictures pixels and size of the images.
  • You can share high-quality images.

Update: WhatsApp has suspended accounts of some WhatsApp plus user. Using third-party application is against their T&C. So use WhatsApp plus at your own risk. > Option to directly call over the phone.

Download WhatsApp Plus APK Here

5. Network Spoofer:

Network Spoofer lets you change websites on other people’s computers from an Android phone. After downloading simply log onto a Wifi network, choose a spoof to use and press start. It is like an advanced version of WiFi Kill. You can redirect traffic of any internet user on the same network. Like redirecting them to a new web page or replacing words or images in a website. Please note that there is no intention for Network Spoofer to include any malicious features.

  • Flip pictures upside down.
  • Flip text upside down.
  • Make websites experience gravity.
  • Redirect websites to other pages.
  • Delete random words from websites.
  • Replace words on websites with others.
  • Change all pictures to Trollface.
  • Wobble all pictures/graphics around a bit.
  • A few custom modes for you to have your own fun!

Note: This application is a fun demonstration of how vulnerable home networks are too simple attacks, with permission of the network owner – DO NOT attempt to use Network Spoofer on any corporate or other non-residential networks.

Download Network Spoofer APK Here

6. OG YouTube:

OGYouTube is a unique YouTube client that lets you download any video from YouTube directly. In general, OGYouTube works exactly like the official YouTube client. OG YouTUbe will enable most of the awesome functions which we want on official YouTube.

  • “Audio Only” Downloading: Along with video you can download any video in mp3 format by using Og YouTube, now no need to use any third party mp3 converter to download “audio only” from any YouTube video.
  • Multiple Video Downloading: You can also download multiple videos from YouTube in the same time, no forget that you have to wait for 1st video download finish before putting another video on download. OG YouTube will you feature of downloading multiple videos at same time.
  • Rename The Video: You can rename any video which you are willing to download from YouTube, then there will be the option for renaming the video with any title which you like.
  • Background Playing: One of the best features of Og YouTube, you can play videos in the background too so no need to stay on the app until the video finishes, you can run videos in the background if you want to run any other app at the same time.

But that’s not all, you can also play video when the screen is OFF or even in a pop-up resizable window.

Download OG YouTube APK Here

7. VideoMix:

This is the best app that will let you stream videos, TV shows and lots more for free of cost. This app also features a directory of descriptions of video content with links to third-party online resources. There is no app like VideoMix with unlimited movies and TV show episodes to watch for free online.

The app lets you watch as well as download your favorite movies to your device so you can enjoy them later. Also, there will be no need to sign up etc in this app, just open the app search out your favorite media and start streaming.

  • Unlimited movies and TV shows in the huge expansive library, available for free.
  • Videos from the same site provided under one header, to make sorting easy.
  • Attractive interface that is easy to use.
  • Big icons to sort through content easily.
  • IMDb ratings, Bookmarking, download and torrent links available from same simple options bar.
  • Synopsis, genre list and time of broadcast and more information available in just a tap, so you can choose your favorite content to watch easily.
  • Small in size, easy to download from the internet.

Unfortunately, this app is no longer available. But there are other options available.

Download VideoMix APK Here

8. Netease:

NetEase Cloud Music is an app to stream music and download songs to your device’s memory. NetEase Cloud Music is something like a free Chinese Spotify that gives unlimited access to almost any songs. NetEase Cloud Music is an excellent app for music fans.

It has more and better features than the majority of apps in this genre. An absolutely essential app for anyone who wants to listen to music without having to pay for it. No ads or subscription. You can download audio and see lyrics within the app.

Download Netease APK Here

9. X-posed framework:

Xposed is a framework for modules that can change the behavior of the system and apps without touching any APKs. That’s great because it means that modules can work for different versions and even ROMs without any changes. It’s also easy to undo. As all changes are done in the memory, you just need to deactivate the module and reboot to get your original system back.

The best tool for your rooted Android that has a capability to fully customize your Android looks according to you. All these changes are been done without flashing ROM. Extremely powerful and continuous support from devs.

Download X-posed Framework APK Here

10. Media River:

Media River Inc. develops contextual search platforms. It offers a ClickSurge platform that enables Web publishers to guide Internet users to the publishers online content in a widget-based delivery model, as well as allows to link the content of various types, including video, music, pictures, and text onto various Web pages based on the properties of that Web pages.

One of the best apps that you will love to have in which you can search and download quickly music, books, Android apps, wallpaper from your Android. So must give a try to this app and have great new experience.

Download Media River APK Here

11. AdSkip:

Adskip is a free ad blocker that allows you to block annoying ads and domains known to spread malware. Adskip uses filters that you choose to block all unwanted elements such as video ads, pop-up ads, web ads and many other Internet ads.

And what it does instead of disabling the app (which kills the ads revenue for people like us). It only mutes the video ads. So, the ads play just like that and you just won’t hear anything.

Download Adskip APK Here

12. MiXplorer:

MiXPlorer (Mix of Explorers) is one of the best Android file managers with a neat user interface and plenty of features that should appeal to both casual and power users alike. MiXplorer is a fast, smooth, beautiful, reliable and fully-featured file manager with a simple and intuitive user interface. However, unlike the File Manager, MiXplorer support 19 cloud storages such as Google Drive, Dropbox, MEGA, and Onedrive for free can also cut/paste multiple separate things instead of one at a time.

This app has no ads, is and will always remain completely free. It is Easily themed with customization option which lets you select any color you like and it had Powerful Text Editor.

Download MiXplorer APK Here

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17 Apr

Importance of Mobile Apps for Healthcare Providers

The doctor and patient interaction plays the most vital role in healthcare delivery. In fact, it is a significant challenge while monitoring patients remotely. However, in this age of the advanced technology, it is not arduous to bridge that gap between a doctor and a patient.

Thence, several healthcare professionals are enthusiastic to develop a mobile application as it will help reach their patients anytime, anywhere and also improves the operating performance of their clinics. Moreover, people are also seeking quick and easy solutions for their health ailments.

Mobile applications for healthcare organizations help deliver services with quality care, improved workflow and increased patient interaction while minimizing complexity and cost to achieve the desired goals. The way the people adapt to mobile technology and looking for convenient approaches during illness has also increased the demand for mobile health apps.

Health and Fitness Application Downloads

Mobile Healthcare Apps

Image Source:

Let us see some facts about health applications.

  • There are 97,000+ health and fitness apps available for both mobile and tablets.
  • Mobile Health Market estimated that the revenue increases up to USD 26 billion by 2017.
  • 15% of cell phone users of 18-29 ages have health apps on their mobile.
  • 8% of cell phone users between 30-49 ages have health apps on their mobile.
  • 52% of Smartphone users gather health-related information on their mobiles.
  • 50% of Smartphone users may download health apps by 2017.

Do doctors believe mobile health apps?

  • 40% doctors believe mobile technology can reduce the number of visits to the clinic.
  • 93% physicians accept that mobile apps can improve patient’s health.
  • 93% doctors find value in having a mobile health app connected to emergency health.
  • Two times as many rural patients can be reached per doctor.
  • More than 25% physicians are using mobile technology to deliver patient care.

Let us have a look at how mobile health app will benefit your healthcare delivery.

Best Treatment with Optimum Care

Mobile health apps let you provide the best treatment with optimum care, anywhere and anytime. It brings you the advanced mobile patient care tools to enhance quality treatment and streamline workloads.

Proactive Response to Patient’s Condition

Healthcare providers can monitor patient’s condition and respond proactively before it leads to any chronic disorder. They can keep track of patient’s health records, update care plans and maintain peer-to-peer communication and collaboration.

Reduce Complexity

Mobile health apps help doctors to store the health information of patients in a hassle-free manner. It simplifies the healthcare provider’s complexity by providing patient’s history promptly when they need to make patient care decisions. A well-designed user interface app can help physicians to track the specific patient-related information efficiently.

Appointment Scheduling

Patient’s can book an appointment with physicians through mobile apps. It helps healthcare providers to organize their availability time better and notifies them when a patient book or cancel an appointment.

Increase Your Branding

Mobile health apps will help increase your branding by approaching a maximum number of customers in almost all possible ways. It also supports your organization in sending push notifications, navigating customers to the organization, and provides access to your contact details such as email, phone, and website.

In a word, healthcare providers can greatly benefit from mobile health apps.

Vmoksha follows sophisticated processes to develop and deploy dynamic mobile health apps by virtue of awesome features. Our robust and secure applications can be used by healthcare professionals efficiently to increase their patient interaction and the business value.

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11 Mar

ExtremeTalk: Let’s talk about the ‘PC Master Race’

I’ve been a PC gamer since I was eight years old and my parents brought home our first computer. It was built around an 80286 processor clocked at 10MHz, with 1MB of RAM (640K base, 384K extended), a 20MB hard drive, and an EVGA card hooked up to an NEC MultiSync II monitor. While outclassed by most modern toasters, it was reasonably high-end for 1987, and it powered thousands of hours of adventure, exploration, and imagination.

extreme talk

Nearly 30 years later, I still love PC gaming. I have owned consoles and played games on them from time to time, but the PC is the love of my gaming life. Gaming on a PC means having access to a virtuous cycle of hardware improvements, user-created mods and total conversions, and the most flexible, precise set of tools ever created for computing: a mouse and keyboard. I genuinely believe that the PC is the best gaming platform ever invented, and while I mostly cover hardware and technology, I’m glad that my job at ExtremeTech allows me to occasionally write about games and gaming as well.

What I’m less happy about is the way discussions on gaming often devolve into ragging on console players and repeated assertions of the superiority of the “PC Master Race.” Folks, we need to talk about this.

The origins of the master race

Let me start off by saying I’ve read the PCMasterRace’s subreddit dictionary, its distinction between people who own a console and so-called “peasants,” and its arguments for why the PC is objectively superior. I’m aware that the general use of the phrase is meant to refer to people who exhibit “willful ignorance regarding the objective superiority of PCs over consoles,” and that the subreddit states “We don’t use the term to put ourselves above other gamers. We use the term to put our PCs above consoles. It’s not the people, it’s the platforms.”

I accept that’s the intention. I also accept that many people who fly the Confederate flag genuinely believe they are demonstrating a love for their own cultural heritage rather than explicitly endorsing racism or racist behavior. But when you borrow the language of the actual Nazi party, you are unavoidably borrowing the implications that other people attach to that ideology — so much so, in fact, that the PC Master Race subreddit has multiple links and details on how it’s not actually intended to discriminate. If you need to put a lengthy disclaimer and explanation on your self-proclaimed title, maybe it’s time to find a better label.


Images like this really don’t help the claim that there’s no connection between Nazi ideology and the “Master Race” concept. Image from this video on YouTube

The other problem I have is with the way the word “peasant” gets thrown around in these conversations. The Nazi party had a view of farmers and the peasantry that could be politely described as “bipolar.” On the one hand, appeals to the peasantry and the land were a critical component of Nazi ideology, which glorified the German farmer and rural living. The doctrine of Blut und Boden (Blood and Soil) held that simple farmers were the bedrock of German society, a bulwark against invasion, and set a moral compass that those living in cities had forgotten. This glorification was more rhetorical than practical — Germany did not attempt to systemically dismantle its cities or force its population to return to rural, agrarian living.

The problem with juxtaposing “peasant” and “master race” is that the Germans only held German peasants in such high regard. Their plans for peasants in the territories they captured were spelled out in the Generalplan Ost. Put simply, Germany intended to resettle dozens of millions of people, starve them to death through food shortages, and keep the peasant stock on-hand to serve as a slave labor and agricultural force.

As the German population in the conquered territories rose, a select group of people of Slavic descent were to be selected for “Germanization.” Everyone else was either worked to death or deported to locations like Siberia. Education for the peasants living in Poland and Eastern Europe was to be limited to the most basic level possible, their cultural expression was to be banned, and their children would be kidnapped and taken to Germany to be forcibly reeducated. The long-term plan was to sterilize the Polish peasantry, forbid them to marry, and ban all medical aid to people of Polish descent. They’d be worked until they died, at which point German populations were projected to have grown enough to populate the areas left behind by the other ethnic groups.


GeneralPlan Ost.

Again, I’m not accusing people who refer to themselves as the “PC Master Race” of wanting to commit genocide against so-called “console peasants.” But there’s an incredibly ugly history behind this language, and as someone who studied both history and political science, I wince when I see this kind of language flung across our comment threads.

Is this the best name we can come up with?

My views on gaming and game consoles are simple: I believe everyone should be able to play the games they love on the platforms they enjoy. I’ll tell anyone who asks that I believe the PC is the best platform to game on — and I’ll do it without referring to them as a peasant, console or otherwise.

I don’t need to belong to the PC Master Race to validate my love of PC gaming, and calling people peasants and denigrating consoles ignores literally decades of amazing gaming history. I loved the Final Fantasy series when I was growing up, even if I had to play at a friend’s house. Resident Evil 4 on a borrowed Gamecube is one of the best titles I’ve ever played, even if I found the controls restrictive. I’ve thought about buying a used PS3 just to play The Last of Us, because I’ve heard so many good things about it. I didn’t stop being a PC gamer just because I enjoy a round of Super Smash Brothers or Mario Kart.

Those of you who’ve interacted with me in comment threads know that I enjoy robust debate and discussion. ET isn’t announcing some change to our comment policy, or threatening to kick people off the site for calling people peasants. But there’s got to be a way for the PC gaming community to take pride in the capabilities of our chosen platform without using Nazi terminology — even if it isn’t meant the same way. It’s also worth noting that the term’s original meaning was to mock individuals who acted as though they belonged to the Ubermensch, rather than endorse it


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09 Mar

Apple Macs hit with first-ever ransomware

One of the long-time arguments for buying a Mac over a PC has been security. Whether this was due to the fact that fewer people used Macs or because the OS X operating system was intrinsically more secure is a matter of considerable debate, but the Mac OS has typically been the target of fewer attacks than its PC counterpart. A recent ransomware attack targeting OS X systems has made it clear that this security may not be as ironclad as some think, though both Apple and the affected company have taken steps to solve the problem.

apple mac

Researchers with Palo Alto networks told Reuters that the Mac BitTorrent client Transmission was found to be infected with the trojan KeRanger. “This is the first one in the wild that is definitely functional, encrypts your files and seeks a ransom.” Palo Alto Threat Intelligence Director Ryan Olson told Reuters.

The ransomware was distributed through version 2.90 of Transmission. The Reuters story implies that the distribution was through official channels rather than a hacked copy of the program distributed through a website. Apple revoked the digital certificate Transmission used to install itself, which means infected versions of the application will no longer install to Macintosh systems. Transmission has released an updated version of its software (2.92), which it claims will automatically remove the ransomware installed by the 2.90 version.

Palo Alto caught KeRanger in action not long after the updated 2.90 version was posted to the Transmission website and notes that there’s a three-day waiting period between when the update is installed and the ransom encryption kicks in. Catching the problem early, and removing the infected software, is key to halting the problem before it spreads.

Palo Alto reports that the developer ID used to sign the infected version of Transmission was different from that used to sign previous versions of the program.


The malware in question. By Palo Alto Networks

This screenshot from the Readme demonstrates how the ransomware functions, and what you’re supposed to do to clear your rig. According to Palo Alto Networks: “After connecting to the C2 server and retrieving an encryption key, the executable will traverse the “/Users” and “/Volumes” directories, encrypt all files under “/Users”, and encrypt all files under “/Volumes” which have certain file extensions.”


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24 Jan

Wi-Fi for the Internet of Things gets a name: ‘Wi-Fi HaLow’


LAS VEGAS — A new low-power, long-range version of Wi-Fi that bolsters Internet of Things (IoT) connections will be dubbed Wi-Fi HaLow, the Wi-Fi Alliance revealed today in advance of CES.

Wi-Fi HaLow (pronounced HAY-Low) is based on the pending IEEE 802.11ah specification. It will be used in coming years for everything from smart homes and wearables to smart cities and connected cars where thousands of battery-operated sensors can be connected to a single Wi-Fi Access Point (AP).

The Wi-Fi Alliance, which includes about 700 vendors, expects to launch a certification process for Wi-Fi HaLow products in 2018, officials said. But products supporting the specification are expected to enter the market earlier. The IEEE finalization of 802.11ah is far along and already into what’s known as the technical phase.

Wi-Fi HaLow will operate in the unlicensed wireless spectrum below 1GHz, allowing it to more easily penetrate walls and barriers because of the propagation capabilities of low-frequency radio waves. Its range will be nearly double today’s available Wi-Fi, with some estimates ranging as high as 1 kilometer, a distance equal to 3,280 feet.

The tradeoff for such extended range with low power could be that 802.11ah throughput will be well below the 7Gbps maximum of Wi-Fi 802.11ac when 802.11ac is enhanced with the maximum number of antennas on an AP.

Wi-Fi HaLow equipment will initially be certified for up to 18Mbps as the highest data rate, the Wi-Fi Alliance said in advance of today’s announcement. The lowest rates will be just 150Kbps, achieved by using a 1MHz channel. To get to 18Mbps, equipment makers will need to use a 4MHz-wide channel. Data rates as high as 78Mbps are possible by using a 16Mhz channel, but the Wi-Fi Alliance is only initially certifying gear with up to 4MHz channels.

Even so, the slower throughput of Wi-Fi HaLow will make little difference for many of the futuristic IoT applications being envisioned, where sensors are battery operated and usually transmit occasional short bursts of data. Faster throughput makes a bigger difference in high-definition video and other data-intense and persistent applications.

A sensor on a water pump or a water leak detector in a basement of an industrial plant or home would benefit from Wi-Fi HaLow, for example, because the signal could carry a 900Mhz signal through a concrete wall, at low power, to an access point and on to the rest of the network in the cloud.

“Wi-Fi HaLow has a foot in both the consumer and business markets,” said Kevin Robinson, vice president of marketing for the Wi-Fi Alliance, in an interview. “In a smart city, you may want to connect smart parking meters to a centralized access point. The low-power capability for nodes and Access Points means less power to send transmissions, which means the devices can sweep longer, which is important for a smoke detector or a leak detector. Wi-Fi HaLow will allow devices to run for months or years on their batteries.”

Robinson said upcoming APs will likely be tri-band, supporting HaLow in the 900Mhz band, as well as the older 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. Companies and consumers would need to buy equipment upgrades to get the HaLow properties, but he added, “for many people, it will be part of the natural upgrade process for Wi-Fi.”

An additional benefit of Wi-Fi HaLow to developers and industrial users is that the new spec will share many of the same aspects of the existing Wi-Fi protocol, including multi-vendor interoperability, strong government-grade security and ease in set-up. In addition, it will support Internet Protocol characteristics natively.

“HaLow will be very familiar to Wi-Fi developers,” Robinson added.

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21 Jan

When Twitter lost it because Whatsapp was down


On 1st January 2016, people were shocked to find out that there Whatsapp wasn’t working. A Whatsapp spokesperson told Gadgets 360: “Some people have had trouble accessing WhatsApp for a short period today. We’re working to restore service back to 100% for everyone and we apologise for the inconvenience.” Since 10 PM, many users complained that they were unable to send or receive messages on Whatsapp. Earlier, Whatsapp was down in parts of UK and Western Europe. According to Reuters, Whatsapp didn’t provide any details as to what led to the outage.

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